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‘Lead Leg Stability’ Feedback Exercise

(Standing Transition Series)

The Bent Stride Knee of the forward lunging lead leg will provide the stability to control a T-Push with a smooth and efficient plane of motion when transitioning with parallel hips towards the shooting lane.


This exercise will require you to video your movement as you focus on isolating the keys of a simple movement pattern seen in the exercise provided. You will then asses your movement from seeing the exercise as executed by you in your video. Your objective is to learn something new from your mistakes, correct those mistakes and gradually develop the efficiency of the simple movement pattern.


PUSH LEG SEPARATION – Slowly create extension of the push leg that forms a diagonal line from skate edge through the hips and up into the slightly tilted forward torso

LEVEL PELVIS – Align your hip bones in a level line with the tail bone and maintain a parallel plane as you shift your shoulders directly over the base.

BENT STRIDE KNEE – while pushing forward, the lead leg is in a bent knee alignment, with the shin on slight forward angle that drives the knee over the toe cap


Step 1 – Set up in your practice area with a devise to record as you execute the exercises several times.

Step 2 – Take your recorded exercise and put the Demo Instructor’s video side by side on your computer screen and assess your movement.

Step 3 – Make notes of what you are doing well and where you need to make changes in order to improve.

Step 4 – Repeat this ‘Record and Assess’ process as many times as you need to improve your movement efficiency.


Before you do the Feedback Exercise, it is highly recommended that you watch these videos to have the most amount of information available when assessing the key areas you need to improve.

PARALLEL HIPS THRU PUSH: Fundamental Analysis Workshop video
PARALLEL HIPS THRU PUSH: Technical Instruction Workshop video
LEAD LEG STABILITY SKILL DRILL: Understanding the Movement Pattern video