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‘Single Leg Foot Placement’ Progression Drill


Step 1: Watch the entire video 2 or 3 times to get a general understanding of the skill chunks that are involved in  the whole skill execution.

Step 2:  Watch each progression with the purpose of IDENTIFYING each Skill Chunks and REMEMBERING how they are executed.

Step 3: In a quiet space, free from distraction, close your eyes for durations of 45 seconds as you visualize the precise execution of ‘each’ progression.

Repeat multiple visualization sets to reinforce the pathways in the brain that are linked to the physical actions of the whole skill.


To supercharge your progression training that will gradually build a strong technical foundation and improve your overall movement efficiency, you can add these two practice sessions to your weekly training schedule.


At your next team practice, you will challenge yourself to physically execute the ‘Foot Spacing’ progression drills on the ice.

With a good mental picture of each progression that you created from mentally practicing the movement patterns, ask your team’s assistant coach to video you executing each progression 2 or 3 times.

Make sure you bring a laser focused attention to executing the drill


In a quiet area that is free from distractions, watch and assess your functional movement.

You will want to compare your technical execution to that of the demo instructor’s movement by setting them up side by side on a computer.

As you watch and assess, you will also benefit from making notes of your observations. Write down what you are doing well during each progression and where you need to make changes in order to improve.

We recommend that you watch the ‘3 Stage Training Method That Will Supercharge Your Improvement’ video preview that explains how this practice approach will sharpen your abilities, refine your technique, and push the boundaries of your functional movement.