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‘Flared Legs For A Stable Butterfly Base’ Technical Instruction Video


Series: Down Low Transitions

Technical Skill: Butterfly Stance

Practice Level: Foundational 


Comprehending how the parts of a skill fit together is essential for effective learning, efficient practice, adaptability to skill correction, and overall mastery of your mechanics. This understanding forms the basis for continuous improvement and empowers goalies to excel in their in-game performance.

Effective Learning: When you comprehend how the small parts of a skill relate and complement each other, you can focus on the essential elements and leads to more efficient learning and skill acquisition.

Efficient Practice: Knowing the interconnections between different aspects of a skill allows you to practice more efficiently. You can bring more focus and awareness to identify weaknesses, prioritize areas for improvement, and address specific challenges.

Adaptability to Skill Correction: A deep understanding of how the parts of a skill integrate enables you to adapt and apply it during practice. When faced with execution challenges or problems, you can draw upon your foundational knowledge to find productive solutions.

Overall Mastery of Your Mechanics: Many skills consist of intricate components that must work in coordination with each other. Understanding how the parts fit together is essential for mastering complex skills. Knowing how each part contributes to the whole enhances your proficiency.



Watching the below videos will provide you with more knowledge and insight when assessing the key areas you need to improve.