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‘Level Hands Into Stride’ Isolation Drill


Series: Standing Transitions

Technical Skill: T-Push Transition

Practice Level: Foundational


Isolating a skill segment involves breaking down a complex skill into smaller, more manageable components. This approach is extremely beneficial when working on technical skills. Here’s how isolating a skill segment can help improve technical movement:

  1. Focus on Specific Techniques: Isolating a segment allows individuals to concentrate on specific techniques or movements without the complexity of the entire skill. By breaking it down, practitioners can refine their understanding of each component and how they contribute to the overall skill.

  2. Target Weaknesses
    : It helps identify weaknesses or areas for improvement within a skill. Isolating segments allows athletes or performers to focus on the parts where they struggle the most, whether it’s alignment or a movement pattern.

  3. Enhance Muscle Memory
    : Practicing isolated segments repeatedly helps build muscle memory for each component of the skill. Muscle memory is crucial for performing movements with precision and efficiency, and isolating segments allows individuals to establish correct movement patterns more effectively.

  4. Reduce Overwhelm
    : Complex skills can be overwhelming to learn or refine all at once. Breaking them down into smaller segments makes the practice process more manageable and less intimidating. This incremental approach allows for steady progress and prevents frustration.

  5. Facilitate Feedback and Correction
    : Coaches, trainers, or peers can provide more focused feedback when observing isolated skill segments. This targeted feedback helps individuals understand where they need to improve and how to adjust their technique for better performance.

  6. Prevent Injury
    : Isolating segments can also help prevent injury during training. By focusing on specific movements, individuals can practice with proper form and technique, reducing the risk of overuse injuries or strains that may occur when attempting the full skill too soon.

  7. Customize Training
    : Isolating segments allows for customized training programs tailored to individual needs. Athletes can prioritize specific segments based on their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, optimizing their training time and efforts.

Overall, isolating skill segments is a valuable strategy for improving technical movement by providing focus, targeting weaknesses, enhancing muscle memory, reducing overwhelm, facilitating feedback, preventing injury, and customizing training programs to individual needs.


Watching the below videos will provide you with more knowledge and insight when assessing the key areas you need to improve.