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‘Shift To Load’ Analysis Video

(Down Low Transition Series)

The stability of a ‘Shift To Load’ action, when executing the Butterfly Slide technique, provides the strong structure when efficiently executing a down low transition into the sliding butterfly base.


In this video, we will probe the importance of the ‘Shift To Load’ structure while ensuring the principal alignment highlights of ‘Body Weight Transfer’, ‘Coiled Push Leg’ and ‘Level and Stable Hips’ when setting up the push into the sliding base.


BODY WEIGHT TRANSFER – This action moves the weight of the Upper Body over the push leg to create the balance needed to press down into the inside edge that is ready and secure to transition into the slide base

COILED PUSH LEG – This coiled position of the push leg, in a flex alignment, will push the upper body load with power.

LEVEL AND STABLE HIPS – As you sequence through the shift of Body Weight Transfer to a Coiled Push Leg, you will maintaining controlled level hips while moving across in a downward diagonal transition into the sliding base


The Fundamental Analyses Workshop is a learning process that will provide you with a fundamental understanding of a specific technique. These videos will analyze the skill along with guiding you through workshop exercises to boost your practical knowledge of the skill. Along with a notebook for making some notes, find a quiet areato watch the workshop video so you can concentrate free from distractions.


You will better understand the detailed movement patterns needed to effectively execute the whole technique.

You will develop a clear visual picture of how the detailed movement is executed and this picture will help you to practice with more awareness when you step on the ice.