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‘Push Leg Separation’ Progression Drill


Series: Standing Transitions

Technical Skill: T-Push Technique

Video Run Time: 3 minutes; 15 seconds

Practice: 15 – 20 minute Mentally Practice Progressions; 15 – 20 minute Physical Practice & Record Progressions; 15 – 20 minute watch and assess functional movement

Estimated Practice Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Practice Level: Foundational


Progression drills can offer a valuable framework for skill development by providing a structured and systematic approach to improving proficiency in a particular skill or activity. Here are several ways in which progression drills can be beneficial to your improvement.

Sequential Learning: Progression drills break down a skill into smaller, manageable components or steps

Incremental Challenge: Progression drills allow learners to gradually increase the difficulty or complexity of the skill.

Repetition To Download Skill Keys: Progression drills involve repeated practice of specific skill keys. By repeating these drills consistently, goalies can download the isolated skill keys, allowing them to ultimately perform the whole skill more effortlessly and accurately over time.

Targeted Focus: Progression drills can help goalies identify and address specific areas of weakness. By breaking down a skill into smaller components, goalies can pinpoint the aspects that require improvement. This focused approach allows for a more purposeful practice, enabling goalies to concentrate on specific skill keys of the technique until they achieve mastery.

Goal Setting and Measurement: Progression drills provide goalies a clear standard for progress that allows them to set specific goals for each skill key step and allowing them to measure their improvement objectively. This goal-oriented approach fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivates learners to continue working towards higher levels of proficiency.

Transferable Skills: Progression drills help goalies develop the specific skill keys that can be applied to the efficient execution of the whole skill and ultimately in complex game situations.



Watching the below videos will provide you with more knowledge and insight when assessing the key areas you need to improve.