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‘Flexed Coiled Push Leg’ Technical Instruction Video


Series: Standing Transitions

Technical Skill: T-Push Technique

Practice Level: Foundational



 Viewing Device: smart phone, tablet, or computer



Paying attention to the body’s alignment lines when setting up for the mechanisms of a technical skill is not only about how it looks but has significant influence on performance, balance, and injury prevention. Proper alignment enhances efficiency, stability, and safety. All of which contribute to mastering your mechanics.

Efficiency and Performance: Correct body alignment ensures that the body is in the most advantageous position to generate and transfer forces efficiently. When body parts are aligned correctly, the energy and motion are channeled along the intended path, leading to more precise movements and increased effectiveness in executing the skill.

Balance and Stability: Proper alignment improves the body’s balance and stability. Maintaining a stable base of support is crucial for performing technical skills that involve complex movements. When the body is well-aligned, it reduces the risk of losing balance and falling, which is especially important in the dynamic movements of a goalie that require agility and rapid changes in direction.

Reduced Risk of Injury: Incorrect body alignment can put unnecessary stress on joints, ligaments, and muscles, increasing the risk of overuse injuries and strains. Proper alignment helps distribute the workload more evenly across the body, reducing the chance of acute injuries or chronic pain caused by poor mechanics.



Watching the below videos will provide you with more knowledge and insight when assessing the key areas you need to improve.